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What is Forward RSS and what you can do with it

Forward RSS to Email is an automatic RSS forwarder or RSS Sender tool. It allow you to forward or send any RSS feed to any email address in daily basic.

  • Read any RSS feed directly in your email inbox, and get daily updates!
  • Internet marketing? Promoting your blog? This tool help you to deliver your contents directly to your user's inbox everyday.
  • Can convert excerpt only RSS to full content RSS and send it to any email address.
  • Send RSS feed to your Blogger blog and get them updated daily, automatic and NO duplicate post. "#end" tag already added to the end of each article sent to mail-to-blogger address, that mean "unsubscribe" link will not be included in articles. Click here to learn how to create blog posts via email. Tool will check the source feed every 24 hours, and it will send new post if there's new feed item.
  • Read or send single/multiple RSS feeds to single/multiple email address.
  • Just set and forget. The tool will automatically send your feed everyday.

  • All feed items will be sent from, please add it to your email contact to ensure you will receive rss email from us.

    Available FREE Access Key: FREE235F5

    Use the Access Key above to try the tool for free, please note the access key and all forwarding will work for few days only. To have uninteruptable forwarding, buy the subscription now.

    Few Max 20 Source Feeds Max 50 Source Feeds Max 100 Source Feeds
    Few Max 20 Email Destinations Max 50 Email Destinations Max 100 Email Destinations
    Few Max 20 Forwarders * Max 50 Forwarders * Max 100 Forwarders *
    Forwarding live for few days only Live as long as your subscription Live as long as your subscription Live as long as your subscription
    FREE $12/year $4/month or $24/year $5/month or $30/year

    * Example:

  • Forwarder 1: Forward RSS_Feed_1 to email_1
  • Forwarder 2: Forward RSS_Feed_2 to email_2
  • Forwarder 3: Forward RSS_Feed_3 to email_3
  • Each forwarder will forward RSS Feed every 24 hours as long as your subscription live.

    Buy the Access Key now and we will send it to your PayPal email within few hours. Be sure to add to your email contact.

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